The Rocky Horror Picture Show was adapted from a stage play named The Rocky Horror Show in 1975. Upon its release, it failed to achieve box office success.

Soon after, theaters started showing the film as a midnight feature and it didn’t take long for dedicated movie goers to start showing up dressed as their favorite characters, yelling things back at the screen.

Eventually, attendees started acting out scenes in character, giving birth to the phenomenon that is Rocky Horror shadow casts.

Now, you can find a Rocky Horror shadow cast in nearly every major city in America and even internationally.


About the cast

Crazed Imaginations is San Diego's weekly source for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We've been keeping San Diego doing the Time Warp since the early 80's! 

We're a collaborative group effort - a magic melting pot of all sorts of creative types, working together to bring you a fun and exciting show and an experience you'll never forget!

We strive to encourage acceptance and progressive creativity, to make the world a better, stranger place, one show at a time!


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