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What to expect

Showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show have gained a well-deserved reputation for being loud, raunchy, offensive, crude, silly, strange, and sexy - and our show is definitely all of these!  Not only are we performing the movie in costume while it plays behind us, we’re also shouting off-color jokes at the screen, dancing in the aisles, throwing cards and toilet paper into the air, and embarrassing those who have never been to a show before - or, as we call them,VIRGINS! 

If it’s your first time, expect someone to find you in the line outside and ask to draw on your face so we know you’re a newbie. It’s part of the fun of coming to Rocky Horror, and makes for a great selfie! And don’t worry - you can wash it off with soap and water when you get home.


Before we open up the theatre, be sure to visit our merch table to pick up some mementos and a prop bag – a Rocky Horror essential. The stuff inside the prop bags let you interact with our movie by throwing things, shooting a squirt gun, and waving a lighter in the air.  Studies have shown that it makes the show about 57% more fun, and you can’t argue with science!


Once you get inside the theater, grab some popcorn and get a seat.  Don’t be afraid – sit close to the stage.  You’ll have more fun up where you can hear our best jokes and see our sexy performers better.  Feel free to dance along with the music and let loose.


We have some rules about how to enjoy the show as well as some announcements about upcoming events, and before the movie starts, the MC will get on stage and yell them all at you! Pay attention so that everyone can have a great time.


We also take time before the movie to welcome all the virgins. We have some games we play and other rites of passage in store for you. Expect to be a little embarrassed – it’s part of the fun!  If you definitely don’t want to participate, we won’t make you (but we will make fun of you a little bit).


When the movie starts, you’ll hear people shouting at the screen – LOUDLY. These lines are called ‘callbacks’ and are our way of poking fun at the movie. You’re not going to be able to hear everything said in the movie, or understand everything that people yell, but hopefully a lot of it will make you laugh! If you want to sound like you’re in the know, the easiest callbacks are yelling, “SLUT!” when you see Janet and “ASSHOLE!” when you see Brad.


When the movie is over, let us know how you liked it by cheering really loudly and leaving a tip in the shiny gold hat that our lovely Columbia will be holding by the exit doors.


We don’t get paid to perform for you – we do it because we love it and want you to have fun!


If you have more questions, check out our FAQ page for more info.  If you’d like to get in touch with us, send us a quick note on our contact page.


Let's do the Time Warp Again!

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